The Pirates vindictively pursued shit talkin' Kil'joyden to his spaceship in orbit above Argus where no trick would save the master of illusions from death. Kil'joyden occupied a prominent place on Azeroth's Most Wanted List as Legion's acting commander responsible for a hor invasion led by his pawn Gul'dan and creation of the Lich King. His illustrious supervillain career neared an end as Pirates plowed through hordes of demon cannon fodder until they cornered him on the space poop deck.

Kil being an eredar genius quickly assessed that he would be outmatched in a physical battle so he propositioned a rap battle. With the flow master Froese on their side, the Pirates confidently accepted the challenge. Kil'joyden opened up with "This battle shall be your last! You were fools to follow me here! Burn! Burn and die! Fall to darkness!" The crowd booed his uninspired demon lyrics. Froese hit back with "You're momma teeth so yellow, when she smiled at traffic, it slowed down" and the crowd roared approvingly at the insult.

Kil bellowed with laughter at the grammatical error. Rather than issue a correction, he declared "Look upon our wonders, you mere mortals, and despair! Behold the world that shall be your tomb!" Froese hit him below the belt with another cringeworthy line: "You're momma's so dumb, when she went to the movies and saw the 'Under 17 not permitted' sign, she left to get 16 of her friends." Kil'joyden dropped to the floor and rolled around laughing so hard that his ass exploded. The very heavy back menstrual flow could not be stopped. Velen cried at the sight of losing his former BFF while everyone cried tears of joy while thinking about the financial rewards for their biggest bounty yet.