Sargeras Mutts Overdose on Cocoa

By Scarcrux a - Posted Dec 8, 17

A pair of demonic guard dogs known as the Felhounds of Sargeras tracked the intoxicating smell of blood to greet the Pirate invaders. Shatug the Shadow Bitch drenched the crew with black piss while F'harg the Molten Bastard spit great balls of fire that ignited the oily piss. Chocolate treats were deployed to separate and isolate the dogs from using their fire piss combo. This had the unintended effect of acting as a stimulant and triggering berserker mode in which they viciously bit random targets. In response, the dogs were given a plethora of chocolate treats shaped like dicks with the intention of overloading their demonic systems. The gluttens swallowed the treats without even chewing and their movements grew increasingly erratic like mad tweakers. Eventually they both collapsed and melted into pools of their respective elements.