Eonar has been on the run to prevent her titan soul from being captured by the Legion which sought to generate an infinite demon army. Her goddess powers of creation and healing have earned the honorable title Life-Binder. Spiritually, she reached out to a dwarf in the middle of a naughty dream and planted herself on his bed. She conveyed through feelings that she is really important and in great danger. Magni the dwarf pledged to save her by any means possible. Fortunately, he found a ragtag band of pirates stupid enough to accept the bounty.

Pirates arrived just in time at Eonar's secret garden enclave to mount a defense against waves of demons. Apparently this Eonar is actually a big deal for the Legion to send the battlecruiser Paraxis. In addition to transporting troops, the ship rained down fel artillery. Thousands of Fel Lords were massacred along with their pet hounds and bats. While the ground forces were neutralized, an elite team beamed up to the ship to strike down its commander. Eonar rewarded her saviors with wet dreams mesmerizing enough for a race of dwarves to worship her.