Torture Coven Loses Their Six Arms

By Scarcrux a - Posted Jan 28, 18

Among the most feared women are Shivarra, six-armed demons three times as fanatical as other Legion followers and possibly the most depraved women that ever existed. At the upper echelon of Antorus is a coven made up of four Shivarra notorious for eliciting screams with their respective signature techniques in torture. They were tasked by Sargeras with corrupting the spirits of fallen titans to form an unstoppable Dark Pantheon. Their sinister plans came to a screeching halt when they encountered an elite force that even ninjas could not overcome: drunkin' Pirates of the Abyssal Maw.

Having proven themselves to be the most boisterous crew in all of Azeroth, the Pirates set sail to drown out screams with roaring laughter. When they finally reached the Burning Throne in Antorus and gazed upon the mesmerizing Shivarra, most wondered how such beautiful women were capable of unspeakable horrors. The coven quickly put that thought to rest by demonstrating their fierce battle prowess. Each Shivarra unleashed powerful magical barrages from the schools of fire, ice and darkness. Pirates scattered like rats in random directions to evade and luckily formed four makeshift attack packs.

Similarly to the Sargeras mutts, isolation of the Coven turned out to be a key weakness. The Coven were separated into four quadrants spaced approximately 15 yards apart to allow for sophisticated cleave and dot attacks to hit multiple targets concurrently. Eventually, the Coven fell like dominos starting with Noura the so-called Mother of Flames who exploded in a spectacular gibbing. The Army of Light shined bright enough to melt Diima the Mother of Gloom and cancel Asara the Mother of Night. Finally, only the strongest sister remained with her cosmic scale fire spells. Thu'raya's deafening screams echoed throughout all of Argus as she succumbed to simple interrupts. Pirates claimed another lucrative bounty and signalled the start of a wild celebration by singing about bottles of rum. While the mothers have fallen, it remains to be seen if all of their twisted children have been dealt with.