After disposing of Kil'joyden, Pirates descended onto the surface of Argus to deliver cans of whoop ass to the remnants of the Burning Legion. First up was an engineering marvel dubbed Garothi Worldbreaker, a state-of-the-art Fel Reaver that towered into the skies with a height of nearly five kilometers. Its explosive armament consisted of giant missile launchers capable of alternating between two attack modes: decimation and annihilation. Leadership decided to disable and salvage the technology rather than destroy it. While most of the crew dodged a seemingly neverending barrage of missiles, the rogue Drkst struck from the shadows by running a cable around the mecha's wide legs until it came crashing down. Mission accomplished! Unfortunately, Drkst got crushed to death by Garothi's big mecha penis that slapped hard into the ground.